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Get Ready For the Ride of Your Life

 pivot 15 hero characters

Welcome to the International Pro Skier Tryouts. A competition where those who ski the fastest, jump the highest, and send the most extreme lines on the mountain become not only local legends, but enter the hallowed ranks of “Pro Skier”.

This is an event not for the faint of heart. But a place where legends are made, and pros are forged.

Follow our Pivot heroes – RAW, GOLD, and FORZA – as they attempt to overcome extraordinary odds and the vices of excess to reclaim their former glory and their rightful place in skiing history. 

If they want to reach the top, they’ll have to give it all they’ve got.

 original cast of the pivot 15 story
 new characters of the international pro skier tryouts




 pro skier tryout event teaser poster