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Safety Recall 2017-2018 LOOK Pivot Bindings

*For products purchased after September 1st, 2017 only*


2017-2018 LOOK Pivot Ski Bindings

Turntable heel bindings purchased after September 1, 2017

with date codes of H7, I7 or J7, and without the letter "V"

stamped on the black plastic piece behind the heel, can come

loose and cause a skier to fall or crash



To arrange for an inspection and possible free replacement,

call LOOK Customer Service M-F between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm MT

at 1-888-243-6722 or Email to pleffer@rossignol.com

Or visit www.look-bindings.com/


Post until August 16, 2018         In Cooperation with Consumer Product Safety Comission