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Freestyle | Look athletes keep shining bright

Freestyle | Look athletes keep shining bright

Marie Martinod continues to shine and nothing seems to be able to stop her. Yesterday, the La Plagne-based champion claimed her third straight World Cup victory. On the men’s side, U.S.A.’s own Torin Yater-Wallace blew the entire lead to take the lead of the general World Cup ranking.

The Frenchwoman confirmed her domination in Pyeongchang, South Korea – which happens to be the future location for the forthcoming 2018 Olympics. After closing a 91.60-point mark in the first run, Marion set herself out of Devin Logan and Ayana Onozuka’s reach, who ended up with 86.80 points and 84 points, respectively.

After two World Cup victories (in Copper Mountain and Mammoth Lakes) and one X Games title (in Aspen, Colorado), Marie Martinod remains undefeated this year and has officially won the Crystal Globe of her discipline. Last time was in 2004 and we could not be prouder.

Back on the men’s side, Torin Yater-Wallace was in charge of doing the show. Just like Marie, Torin put an end to the competition from the very first run, setting the bar really high with a 95.60-point mark. France’s own Ben Valentin rose to third place (with a 92.60-point mark). In the general ranking, there are now four men within 39 points and likely to win the Crystal Globe, which promises quite an interesting and hard-fought battle during the big final in Tignes, France (March 6-7).